Friday, October 1, 2010

Steven and Jolee Wedding Pictures

OK... As promised, here's the links to the pictures that I took at Steven and Jolee's wedding. Some are a bit dark and tons are sideways, but enjoy them anyway!

Here's the link to my Facebook album. They're duplicates of what's at Picasa...
Steven and Jolee's Wedding Album 1

And Picasa...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dads are right

What!! Dads are right! Are you kidding me!

Nope! I'll get to the "why" in a minute...

I remember as a kid growing up that Saturday and Sunday afternoon was the time for sports on TV in my home. There was baseball in the summer and football and basketball in the fall and winter... and there was Dad all set to watch the game... Then, an hour and sometimes even less than that, ol' Dad is out like a light! Since I wasn't much into watching sports on TV (I think it's because of all the "talk") I would change the channel to a movie that was on, only to hear "Turn it back! I was watching that!" WHAT??? "Dad, your asleep!", "No I wasn't", says Dad, "I was resting"... RIGHT!

Well, guess what gentle readers of electrons! I recently came across an article at Newsmax Health that taking naps was good for your mind! Wait a minute! HMMM! So that's why Dad was so energized after the Dodger game (even when they lost!), Dad was ready to take on the world again... "Mike, did you mow the lawn yet?", "Steven, did you clean out Bridget's dog pen yet?"... etc, etc...

Well, the news article states that the ideal time for a nap is between 1pm and 3pm, right after lunch (that's when the ball game usually started!), but for an hour. The article equates your mind to an email in-box... take a nap so your mind's in-box can be refreshed of all the short-term memory that's stored there and your ready to go again.

So now you know why all the Dad's out there REALLY want to watch a game in the afternoon... it's really an excuse to take a nap... Unless you really want to watch the Dodgers!

Dad(s) are right... take a nap, you'll feel better, unless the Dodgers loose again, you might as well go back to sleep!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rene Hanson

I wanted to publicly thank Rene Hansen and her husband for being at Steven and Jolee's wedding on 9/24/2010. From what I understand, Steven spent as much time at her house as her sons did at our house. Rene was "our mom" at the wedding and I am especially grateful that Mom has a great friend like Rene. Rene was at the wedding and was "mom" because Steven's Mom is in the Philippines serving a mission for the LDS Church. It's been kinda rough for Mom over there since they left when Steven and Jolee announced they were getting married. Well, Mom, you were well represented and I know that you and Dad were there in spirit and could feel the love and friendship emanating to you from Bountiful.

We can take this again when Mom and Dad get home from their mission. This will still be a keeper and one that will be cherished a great deal.

Thanks Rene!

Hit the mark!

Pilots. They train and train and train to fly. They train to put that little itty bitty front tire right on the white line that runs down the middle of the runway. They train so much, that I bet the pilot can do this with his eyes closed. They train and train and train to park the jet just right so the gantry (that narrow hallway that keeps the wind and the rain and the snow from getting to you) reaches the perfect spot on the airplane. Hmmmmm. Yesterday morning I flew to Salt Lake City to witness a remarkable event. More in a minute about that! Well, I think the pilot that was flying my plane practiced so much, that just after the plane landed and everyone is getting their stuff, the pilot asked everyone to sit back down, close the overhead bins and buckle up. Hmmmmm. Were we at the wrong gate? I know we flew into Salt Lake International Airport... I saw the Great Salt Lake! No, we were at the right gate, we were 2ft short! OOOPS! So everyone sat down, buckled up again and the plane moved. Barely. Well, for a jumbo jet 2ft isn't very far! Next thing I know, "thanks for flying Delta, hope to see you again, time to get off!"

Now where was I going with this?

Steven and Jolee!

What a wonderful day! They both looked like they had practiced and practiced for this day. Well, they did!
 I know they practiced for this big day, because the Moms and Dads were their coaches! I know they are proud of them!
Yep... Lots of "practice"!
They even know how to "work" the crowd. Presidential material?

But not enough practice! Steven still needs help with his tie! That's ok. He's got a lovely mirror to look at next time he needs "help" with his tie!

What did we learn? Practice makes perfect every time! No matter how much you practice, you're going to come up a bit short and when you do, you keep going and becomes perfect. Isn't that what we are all striving for? To become Perfect? Steven and Jolee have taken that next step to becoming Perfect.

Way to go Steven and Jolee!

I have more pictures from the wedding day. I am working on uploading them to my Picassa and Facebook accounts. When I'm done, I'll post the links!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A change is always good....

Did you notice that the name changed? Probably not. But there has been a change.

The prior name just wasn't snappy enough. Little Brother is still on a quest for the BBB and another brother has a page for the family and one for his work and little sis has a nice family page too. But lately my page seems to be the "rants of an old man".  I'm not that old... yet! I still bust a gut at watching Mel Brooks movies and don't bother me when I'm watching Casino. My older daughters sigh when I want to watch Star Wars for the "millionth time + 1".

Let's see, where was I going with this?? Not sure really. Hmmmm.
Oh yea... change is always good!

Recently I was able to remove myself from doing nothing all day long to doing something part of the day. For the last several years, I have been volunteering with the Sate of California Office of Emergency Services (now California Emergency Management Agency - CalEMA) with emergency communications. I have a hobby that centers around Amateur Radio. I learned in school from a wise instructor that the best job you can have should be similar to your hobbies. Well, I finally found it. Change. I work for that same agency that I volunteered for for so many years. I was busy as a volunteer, but I'm even busier now. Change.

My little brother is about to go through a change this week and that change will change his life and his best-est best friend (don't you just love the Beckstrand vernacular!). I think though, that he will have to change the description of his blogg too... like, the quest for the perfect crib! LOL!

Seriously, I wish my brother all the best and I'm looking forward to meeting his Best-est Best Friend!

Change. It's what we live for... It happens whether we want it to or not... We need to make the best of it anyway!